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An airdrop is a launch campaign of a new product in which you get a special offer or exclusive discount with your participation. In OneUP we want to do something really special, that’s why we want to reward our community and we’ll gift the first 30,000 people who register the equivalent of €50 in OneUP Tokens.

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You can get more tokens inviting your friends or on the presale round. Only those, like you, who have participated in the Airdrop or are registered to our newsletter have access to this round. Participate as soon as possible to get more tokens!

Each OneUP token on date 12/31 at 23:59 GMT each year, will receive a benefit at a rate of €5 per sold unit out of the total number of distributed tokens.

Besides, by obtaining 2,000 OneUP tokens during public rounds, you will receive a OneUP unit at your home.

Any wallet that works with NEO. If you’re new in this, we recommend you to use Neon Wallet and O3.

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Every hour of every day, more than 40 people lose their lives by drowning in a water environment.

OneUP was born with the objective of reducing the 1,200 daily deaths caused by drowning in the world. For this reason, a device has been designed that allows for easy transportation, better handling and greater availability than other life-saving devices in places where, due to contact with the aquatic environment, there is a risk of drowning.